Laser Scanning of North Stradbroke Island Pump Station

Client: Pensar

Project: Laser Scanning of the North Stradbroke Pump Station

Date: 03/2018             Time to Completion:  1 week


  • Post-processed ‘point clouds’ of pump station and external pipe spools. Supplied in ‘.RCP’ and ‘.RCS’ format.
  • Reports on scan data accuracy. Sub 2 mm maximum point error was achieved for both ‘point clouds’

Description: Ferrier Engineering was engaged by Pensar to laser scan and provide processed ‘point clouds’ for the North Stradbroke Island pump station and associated external pipe spools. Supply of the point-clouds allowed Pensar to equip sub-contractors with accurate site dimensional data, without the need for additional site visits. The ‘point cloud’ also provides a complete ‘As-Constructed’ model of the site prior to site-works beginning.

The point clouds shown below were generated with a Faro M-series terrestrial laser scanner.

The ‘fly-though’ movies below are generated in Autodesk Navisworks Freedom, which is a freely available BIM and 3D visualisation tool. Navisworks also allows for CAD data or CAD 3D geometry to be overlaid on the ‘point cloud’, is a very clear and effective method of presenting modifications to existing sites.


‘Fly-through’ of Pump Station 


‘Fly-through’ of Pump Station External Spools