Mechanical Drafting of Various Crane Components

Client: Bennet Engineering

Project: Mechanical Drafting of Various Crane Components

Date: 30/10/2015                    Time to Completion: 2 weeks

Deliverables: Mechanical drawing pack, including details for folding sheet-metal components. .DWG and .DXF files were supplied for laser cutting of components on Bennets Engineering’s ART Plasma Cutter machine.

Description:  Bennet Engineering is a general engineering firm able to handle a diverse scope of engineering projects and requirements. This project involved the precise measurement of 10 crane components at the Bennet Engineering workshop. Following detailed measurement, each component was modelled and drafted, with the intention of Bennet Engineering later fabricating all items in-house, utilising their own ART Plasma cutter and 135 t Brake Press machines.

Crane Comoponent Image1

Crane Component Drafting Sample