Laser Scanning of a Gold Coast WTP Pump Room and Pipe Gallery

Client: Pensar

Project: Laser Scanning of a Gold Coast Water Treatment Plant (WTP) Pump Room and Pipe Gallery

Date: 03/2018             Time to Completion:  2 weeks


  • A single ‘point cloud’ containing both the pump room and the pipe gallery, as shown below. The point cloud was supplied in ‘.RCP’ and ‘.RCS’ format and also ‘.E57’ format for post-processing of the ‘point cloud’ data in EdgeWise
  • Reports on scan data accuracy. 2 mm mean point error was achieved.

Description: Ferrier Engineering was engaged by Pensar to laser scan and provide a processed ‘point cloud’ for a WTP on the Gold Coast. The point cloud was then used to allow planning of extensive modification and upgrade works to existing discharge pipe spools.

In excess of 50 scans were taken to capture all data required. An M-series and X-series Faro scanning machine were used concurrently to allow Ferrier Engineering to complete all scanning works within a day.

Extensive planning and thoughtful placement of reference checker-boards and spheres was required to ensure that the pump room and pipe gallery areas could be accurately ‘stitched together’. This is a common problem when two spaces are separated by a narrow opening such as a door or a corridor.

The ‘fly-though’ movies below are generated in Autodesk Navisworks  which is a freely available BIM and 3D visualisation tool. Navisworks also allows for CAD data or CAD 3D geometry to be overlaid on the ‘point cloud’, which is a very clear and effective method of communicating modifications to existing sites.

Another powerful feature of the Faro M-series and X-series laser scanners is the ability to view 360 degree panoramic images and take measurements within this environment. The ability to toggle between the point cloud and photo environment is shown in the ‘Toggling Between the Point Cloud and Photo Viewer’ movie below.


Pump Room ‘Fly-through’


Pipe Gallery ‘Fly-through’


Toggling Between the Point Cloud and Photo Viewer