Laser Scanning of Pipe Spools for Plainlands Water Infrastructure Upgrade

Client: Pensar

Project: Laser Scanning of 5 Pipe Spools in Plainlands Region

Date: 09/2017             Time to Completion:  1 week


  • Post-processed ‘point clouds’ of multiple pipe spools.
  • Reports on scan data accuracy.

Description: Ferrier Engineering was engaged by Pensar to laser scan and provide processed ‘point-clouds’ for multiple pipe spools around Plainlands. Supply of the point-clouds allowed Pensar to equip sub-contractors with accurate site dimensional data, without the need for additional site visits. This represents a cost-saving to Pensar through reduction in the number of site visits required, and a reduction in the probability of fabricated components not fitting / aligning.


Example Scanned Pipe Spool