Laser Scanning and Drafting of CNC-Bent Handrail

Client: Metal Maintenance

Project: Design and Drafting of CNC Bent Handrail

Date: 12/2017             Time to Completion: 2 weeks


  • Detailed fabrication drawing packs for stainless handrails to suit the entrance to a water treatment plant (WTP) on the Gold Coast

Description: Ferrier Engineering was engaged by Metal Maintenance to provide design and drafting services required to execute the installation of stainless handrail to the entrance of a water treatment plant on the Gold Coast.

To minimise site-works required, Ferrier Engineering conducted a laser-scan / survey of the area. This allowed Ferrier Engineering to generate a highly-accurate model of the handrail, which could then be bent with a CNC mandrel bending machine. This approach eliminated the need for site welding and significantly reduced the safety-risks and cost of the project to the client.

In the movie below, the handrails have been overlaid on the scan-data.

CNC-Mandrel Bent Handrail ‘Fly-Though’