Ducting Pressure Loss Calculations for Nestle

Client: Nestle

Project: Ducting Pressure Losses

Date: 30/09/2015                  Time to Completion: 2 weeks

Deliverables: Hand calculations ‘setting up’ pressure loss equations, spreadsheet summation of all pressure losses

Description: Ferrier Engineering completed pressure loss calculations for two large ducting runs to allow correct sizing of fans. The Ducting consisted of 700 and 900 diameter duct, with bends, ‘square-to-rounds’, sudden enlargements and contractions and temperature gradients.

The calculations were completed in accordance with the Crane Technical Note 410, using the Darcy-Weisbach equation with a net expansion factor to account for the compressibility of the flow. Accurate fan sizing leads to energy-efficient operation, resulting in energy-cost savings.

NES001 - Pressure Loss Calculations Spreadsheet_Modified for Image_Page_1

Ducting Pressure Loss Spreadsheet Summation Sample