Design of 11 Tonne Axle Transportation Frame

Client: Anon  Engineering

Project: 11 Tonne Axle transportation frame certification

Date: 01/2016             Time to Completion: 2 weeks

Deliverables: Drawing mark-ups as required to bring the design in-line with Australian Standards, design summary report, lashing diagrams, engraved plate for clear marking of the transportation frames.

Description: Ferrier Engineering was engaged by Anon Engineering, to preform a design review of an 11 tonne axle transportation frame. The frame is to be used to transport the axle about a workshop (the frame is equipped with forklift tyne pockets) and also lashed to the bed of a truck for road transportation. The frame was designed to AS4100 for loads derived from the the Road Transport Commission’s ‘Load Restraint Guide’.  A ‘lashing diagram’ was also prepared to ensure that personnel in charge of restraining the frame and axle fix chains and ratchet binders correctly, and use the correct size and grade of chain and fitting.

Consideration was also given to the AS2359 series on Powered Industrial Trucks.

Engraved Transportation Frame Label

Engraved Transportation Frame Label