Design and Drafting of 1500 kPa Air Receiver

Client: Fleming’s Welding Service

Project: Design and Drafting of 1500 kPa Air Receiver

Date: 09/2016             Time to Completion: 3 week


  • Detailed fabrication drawing packs for the vessel, including .DWGs for laser cutting of all structural plates.
  • Supply of etched aluminium vessel data plates.
  • Signed Form 14 (Application for registration of plant design), ready for submission to WHS QLD.

Description: Ferrier Engineering was engaged by Fleming’s Welding Service to complete detailed drafting and design verification of a 1500 kPa air receiver. The vessel design flanges and sockets for mounting of pressure relief valves, air inlets and air outlets, a deflection plate to promote moisture extraction and a perforated plate for installation of ceramic filtration.


The design was completed in accordance with AS1210, AS4458 and AS3992.

Vessel General Arrangement Drawing