Design and Drafting of 11,000L Pressure Vessel

Client: BDR Stainless

Project: Design and Detailed Drafting of 11,000 L Pressure Vessel

Date: 10/2016             Time to Completion: 3 week


  • Detailed fabrication drawing packs for the vessel, including .DWGs for laser cutting of all structural plates and the dimpled cooling jacket.
  • Design certificate signed by Registered Professional Engineer of Queensland (RPEQ)

Description: Ferrier Engineering was engaged by BDR Stainless to complete detailed drafting and design verification of an 11,000 L stainless steel pressure vessel. The vessel design included an agitator mounted off the central upper torispherical head flange, a cooling jacket on the lower torispherical head and vessel body, sight glass flange with light, Sudmo access hatch and three lifting lugs for transport and placement. Provision was also made for the mounting of the three vessel legs on loads cells.

The design was completed in accordance with AS1210, AS4458 and AS3992.

Isometric View of Vessel