Finite Element Analysis of Spray Rig Chassis

Client: JPC Engineering

Project: Analysis of 5000 L Spray Rig Chassis

Date: 03/2016             Time to Completion: 3 weeks


  • Design report listing references, loading assumptions and results of a beam-element analysis (utilising SpaceGass software). Results interrogated to AS4600.
  • Design certificate signed by Registered Professional Engineer of Queensland (RPEQ).

Description: Ferrier Engineering was engaged by JPC Engineering to perform a design review of a 5000 L Spray Rig Chassis. Inertial loads consistent with the RTA’s load restraint guide were considered and interrogated to AS4600, for cold-formed steel structures. The fatigue life of the chassis was assessed on the basis of AS4600 detail categories.

Ferrier Engineering also investigated options for joining the frame with mechanical fasteners. This gave the client a less skilled / labour intensive method of assembling the chassis frames.

Spray Rig Chassis Rendered Model

Spray Rig Chassis Rendered Model